Jacco Rens is a long-time hobbyist photographer. As an early-adopter Apple user he got his hands on one of the first mainstream digital cameras, the Apple QuickTake. But it was only after investing in a more serious camera, a Canon 300D with interchangeable lenses, that his photography really started evolving. Jacco makes landscape, macro and abstract work, mostly focusing on the natural world. While the majority of photographs on this site were taken in his home country of the Netherlands, he shot others in Belgium, Germany, Scotland and elsewhere in Europe.

Side projects

In 2005, Jacco joined Natuur Fotografieclub Objectief, the nature photography club based near his home in Heerhugowaard, North Holland. In 2012 and 2014, he participated in the festival run by the NVN, the Nature Photographers Association of the Netherlands.

Beyond photography

Jacco is also a music producer, releasing tracks and performing live since the 1990s as a member of the band Morphid and through his solo project SJUUL. Listen to his music here.


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